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Slow Ceramic Studio

Founded by artist Florence Pauliac, Slow Ceramic Studio is committed to a slow design approach to objects.

Each piece tells a unique story and seeks to draw attention to the present moment. From the utilitarian to the decorative, they accompany the gaze in contemplation, inviting observation and feeling.

They are activists, armed with poetry to express the message of taking the time to live, each and every day.


The Studio

Each piece is made by hand, shaped by the season and the period. They take part in my daily life, calling for constant attention at every step of their development. In their uniqueness, they call for singular kindness.

Patient drying in the open air. Concentrated firing, attentive to every moment. Then painting landscapes and dreams. Firing once again, incandescence of the Japanese technique of Raku.

And then a sculpture is born, a bowl, a piece of armor, bearing a life to be offered and shared.


Coworking, call for projects, exhibitions.

Open and curious, the studio is always seeking out new projects. Sparking ideas, gathering to concoct new adventures and inventing together are ways of nourishing creation. Taking the time to exchange and imagine together.

If you wish to collaborate with or get out the word on Slow Ceramic Studio, or acquire a piece : contact@florencepauliac.com